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Exclusive Collectibles: Limited Edition Art 

Signed and numbered limited edition prints.

Museum-grade printed and framed with sustainable, cut-to-order, solid wood frames. Each limited edition print includes a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.




january mood recorte PEQUE.jpg




ROTATE ME LIMITED is a collection of SCANNOGRAPHIES that function together as a sequence to create a sense of motion and rhythm. It is an interactive art. Every piece has been carefully created to combine with others, and can be rotated in whichever way the viewer decides.

ROTATE ME LIMITED is a limited edition of 20 units printed directly onto brushed aluminium Dibond.  

"The collection is eye-catching. the contrast between the warmth of the image and the aluminium’s coldness makes the images even more attractive. The way you see the artwork keeps changing with the light along the day, making the image look alive."

scan- 86-lr.jpg

E P H E M E R A L   e s s e n c e 
d i a r i e s

Very often, when I am painting, I know that there are parts of my work that I must sacrifice for the sake of the composition of the painting as a whole.

Before continuing I take photos of the interesting parts that were ephemeral then, but that I have decided to reconvert into something different, new and lasting ever since. These portraits, diary of recovered fragments of my stroke, represent the inner world of my thoughts on that particular day when I was working on a painting that became a different version of myself. 

• Mix media based on collage, photography, digital edition, acrylic and pastel. on paper.

• Paper: Hahnemühle William Turner . Matte watercolor texture, natural white, hand-made style paper by Hahnemühle (310 g/m²)

• The base of the artwork is a short limited edition (8), and every last piece is finished differently with different media on acrylic, collage, pastel. The result  is a series of unique original artworks.

34-ephemeral asia-034 CON FIRMA-lr.jpg

E P H E M E R A L   l a n d s c a p e s

Series of ephemeral collages made with gorgeous hand made papers. Everyone of them live long enough to be photographed and then they are immediately destroyed to create a new piece with the same ephemeral live.

• Limited edition of 8
• Mix media based on collage, photography and digital edition.
Paper: Fine-Art Giclée Printed on Hahnemühle William Turner . Matte watercolor texture, natural white, hand-made style paper by Hahnemühle (310 g/m²)