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Welcome to my first project of the year. THIS IS AN ALIVE PROJECT IN CONTINUOS GROUTH!

The project began as sketches with collage for execution in large formats such as painting. I fell in love with the technique and the texture of the paper and now I am unable to get rid of them.

Part of personal growth is letting go, so there we go: I will publish in INSTAGRAM begolafuente2009 some of my sketches every week ... beware! I can't guarantee their survival and neither can you!

It is an interactive project and requires you as a participant. You will have the option of saving or letting go of each new piece by voting on my Instagram stories.

If the piece survives, it may end up making a super painting and if left to die, we will make a proper farewell party and it will be reborn in a new collage, or who knows? ;)

The result and all the trajectory will be published in my newsletter and will be exposed in an exhibition during world art week 7-15 Nov 2020.

I have already started working on my sketches ... The only real thing so far is the collage right here.
Sorry, the rest is just photoshop. Making plans is so easy, right?

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