Begoña Lafuente, (Spain, 1969) is a pictorial, graphic and multimedia artist; Currently, he develops her main creations from her studio by the North Sea - The Netherlands.

Her career is based on its roots in graphic design developed in Madrid at the beginning of the 90s, at a key moment for this discipline, when it reached the range of expression art inside and outside the field of corporate image in Spain.

Begoña intertwines her classical and artistic learning as a graduate in Fine Arts with the latest trends in representation in a constant research work and expands her experience as a graphic designer, art director and illustrator for different companies in corporate identity and advertising.

In 2009 she moves her residence to the Netherlands. Here she interacts with local and international artists from different fields and integrates into her art a new reality that she fuses in her pieces with cuttings from the Spanish school. She plays with different techniques like painting, collage, drawing, photography, scans and monoprints.

The human being as a symbol of expression is a constant in her art; she creates an emotional and visual tension through the use of thematic contrasts, colour opposites, and biological forms against geometric shapes, all representations of a constantly changing nature.

Her portfolio also incorporates recognizable forms of the great masters of art history from a contemporary perspective.

She often participates in local and international art fairs and exhibitions and her work can be found in private collections throughout Europe and in the United States of America.

You can find more about her artworks at her personal brand page;


“I explore the essence of ART: I am intrigued by the motifs of the works that endure over time, and those that fall into oblivion.

I live art as a timeless conversation where not everything is said, where the essential is diluted in a whisper.

As any observer in a museum I wonder-The meanings that I do not find, are at the same time, the ones that initially confuse me, arouse my interest and in the end enrich me with the discovery. The experience makes the piece always accompany me because in a certain way I become an artist also of that apparently unfinished art.

That is what I finally intend when I create my art: I want you to be an active part of my living work.

The meaning behind my art will be a "just for your eyes" and is left in your hands. So what do you want to contemplate?




France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, USA from 2014

2022 - Rome International Art Fair 2022. 5th Edition.Medina Art Gallery. Italy.

2022 - WE CONTEMPORARY 2022. by MUSA. Palazzo Velli Expo. Rome, Italy

2022 - OPEN DIALOGUE, Solo show. Menduiña Schneider Art Gallery- California. USA

2022 - Year representation. Menduiña Schneider Art Gallery- California. USA

2022 - ECOLOGY AS A FEELING. Galleria D’Arte “Il Leone”. 18° Giornata del Contemporaneo. Rome. Organized by AMACI and curated by Rossocinabro Gallery. Italy
2022 - Conversaciones Atemporales. Lanzarote Art Gallery. Spain
2022 - Destinos Encontrados. Lanzarote Art Gallery. Spain
2022 - The Other Art Fair. Virtual Edition by Saatchi Art. Worldwide
2022 - 3 de Corazones. Lanzarote Art Gallery. Art Space. Spain
2022 - V Colectiva de Arte Emergente. Mombó Art Gallery. Sevilla, Spain.
2022 - Palma 1.0. ARTBOX Project, Palma de Mallorca. Spain.2021 - Affordable Artfair – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2022- Lanzarote Art Gallery, Spain. Virtual Exhibition. Colección y Mecenazgo

2021 - Menduiña Schneider Art Gallery. California, USA

2021 - Feria Internacional D'Art de Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain

2021 - Mombó Art Gallery - Sevilla, Spain

2021 - Galerie Sonia Monti. - Paris, France

2021 - ARTBOX Gallery. Artbox Project World 1.0 - Zürich, Switzerland

2021 - Galería Quarentena. Virtual Exhibitiol. Argentina

2021 - Inn Gallery. Virtual Exhibition. INTERVENÇÕES CONTEMPORÂNEAS. Brazil

2021 - Museo de la Mujer de Argentina. Virtual Exhibition Exclavitud SXXI

2020 - ARTBOX projects. Zürich-2.0, Switzerland

2019 - Affordable Artfair – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2019 - Art Eindhoven – The Netherlands.    

2019 - Roger Jonk Gallery – Bergen, The Netherlands

2019Kunst10daagse – Bergen, The Netherlands    

2018 - Affordable Artfair – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2018 - Marziart Int. Galerie – Hamburg, Germany.

2018  - Kunst10daagse – Bergen, The Netherlands    
2018 - Roger Jonk Gallery – Bergen, The Netherlands.          
2016 - Roger Jonk Gallery – Bergen, The Netherlands.  

2016Kunst10daagse – Bergen, The Netherlands            

2018 - Art Eindhoven – The Netherlands.    
2018 - The Strico Gallery – New York, United States of America. 
2017 - ADAF - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.    

2015 - ADAF - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.                                  
2015 - Artfusion Galerie – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2014 - Artfusion Galerie – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2014 Kunst10daagse – Bergen, The Netherlands    

2013 Kunst10daagse – Bergen, The Netherlands    

Spain 1994-1999

1999 - Pequeño formato: Galería Ra del Rey. Madrid, Santander and Valencia,

1999 - Rental of my artworks on the set of TV shows.

1998 - Rental of my artworks on the set of TV shows.
1997 - Casa de la Cultura de Alcobendas. Madrid.

1997 - Galería de Arte Jacomart: Madrid.

1996-  Red de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid.
1996 - Palacio de Gaviria. Madrid.

1995 Red de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid.
1994 -Grupo Taller. Madrid.