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Bego Lafuente
Expressionism and
contemporary portraits


Begoña Lafuente, a versatile artist, traces her creative journey back to her graphic design roots in Madrid during the 1990s. Her early career as a graphic designer, art director, and illustrator laid the foundation for a remarkable fusion of classical education in Fine Arts with contemporary artistic trends.

In 2009, she embarked on a transformative chapter by relocating to the Netherlands, immersing herself in the vibrant local art scene. This shift allowed her to infuse her art with fresh perspectives while incorporating elements from the Spanish school. Begoña's work is a captivating blend of techniques, including painting, collage, drawing, photography, scans, and monoprints.

Central to her art is the exploration of the human spirit, symbolized through thematic contrasts, vibrant color play, and the interplay of organic forms with geometric shapes, all mirroring the ever-evolving nature of existence. Her portfolio also features innovative reinterpretations of iconic works from art history, offering a contemporary lens on timeless classics.

Begoña actively engages in local and international art exhibitions, sharing her artistic vision with a global audience. Her pieces have found homes in private collections across Europe and the United States. She draws inspiration from her studio by the picturesque North Sea in the Netherlands.




"ART, the timeless conversation where not everything is said, where the essential is precisely the unspoken"

What makes art stand the test of time? And why do some pieces just fade into oblivion?

Here's what I think: There are some things in life that are just too darn hard to put into words. They're so deep and meaningful that they go beyond what language can express. And it's exactly those things, the unsaid, the little shared moments that draw you in and make you a part of the art.

When you experience a piece of art, it's this secret language between you and the artist. You become a vital player, an enthusiastic collaborator in the whole artistic experience. And that's the kind of art that sticks around. That's the kind of art I strive to create in every single piece I make.

This conversation we could be having right now, you in front of an artwork, it's magic. It breathes life into the artwork, making it a forever item. With every interaction, with every different person who engages with it, the art is reborn and finished all over again. It's a beautiful dance between the artist, the artwork, and the viewer, each bringing their own unique touch to the mix.

So, let's keep this conversation going. Let's keep creating art that invites everyone to be a part of its story.


What do I do?

I'm an artist who's been obsessed with art since forever. Growing up, my home was like an art gallery, filled with beautiful pieces and stacks of art books that I could stare at for hours. That environment shaped me and fueled my love for creative expression.

I've got a cool mix of influences in my artwork. On one hand, I'm all about expressionism, pouring my emotions and thoughts onto the canvas. But there's also my professional gig as a corporate identity graphic designer, where I've learned how to say a lot with just a simple image.

Not everything has been easy,  When I was 27, I went through some tough times. I got really sick, and that experience completely changed my perspective. It made me realize the fragility of life and the immense value of the people I have around me. It was a wake-up call, 

Ever since then, I've been on a mission to squeeze every ounce of life. In the midst of all that chaos, I found solace in my art. And I rediscovered expressionism, this wild and vibrant style that speaks from the soul. I paint with passion, using bold brushstrokes and explosive colours. It's like I'm screaming out my emotions on that canvas but in a positive and assertive manner—a statement that says, "Here I am, fully present and ready to make my mark."

When it comes to my portraits, I like to play around with this semi-abstract style. I show only half of the features or use silhouettes, leaving some stuff for your imagination to fill in. It's like a face logo.  And it's wild how our brains naturally want to make sense of what they see, completing the missing parts using the Gestalt principle. It's like we're all artists in our own heads!

I create these pieces with the hope of stirring up emotions, making you think, and sparking your imagination. I want you to really get into the artwork, discover new shapes and details, and have your perception shift and rebuild itself. It's a collaboration between you and me, where we both bring our own experiences and perspectives to the table.

So yeah, I'm all about keeping it simple some times, yet profound. I want my art to speak volumes with just a few lines, capturing the essence and identity of the subject. It's like a visual language that we can all understand and connect with.

Alright, that's enough arty talk from me. Let's dive into the world of art together and see where it takes us!

cat who mants to be a woman.jpg

Sketches of Life: Exploring the Lines

scan- 86-lr.jpg

Echoes of Abstraction

gemini2 FIRMA bis-lr.jpg

Where Faces Become Stories

Artboard 17.jpg


en el parque a las 6-LR-.jpg

Emotive Brushstrokes


France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, USA from 2014

2024 - Casa del Arte. Palma de Mallorca. Spain

2024 - Nicoleta Gallery . Berlín, Germany.

2024 - Thomson Gallery. Zurich. Switzerland.

2024 - Andaluka Gallery. Dubai

2023 - Basel 2.0 - EuroAirport Basel. Switzerland.

2023 - Segunda Bienal Internacional de Arte.. Mombó Art Gallery. Sevilla, Spain.

2023 - Hablar de Emociones. Lanzarote Art Gallery. Spain.

2022 - MIAMI 3.0. ARTBOX PROJECTS. Miami Art Weeks. Wynwood Miami, USA 

2022 - 6TH LANSCAPE. Art Show International Gallery 2022. Online Worldwide 

2022 - Rome International Art Fair 2022. 5th Edition.Medina Art Gallery. Italy

2022 - WE CONTEMPORARY 2022. by MUSA. Palazzo Velli Expo. Rome, Italy

2022 - OPEN DIALOGUE, Solo show. Menduiña Schneider Art Gallery- California. USA

2022 - Year representation. Menduiña Schneider Art Gallery- California. USA

2022 - ECOLOGY AS A FEELING. Galleria D’Arte “Il Leone”. 18° Giornata del Contemporaneo. Rome. Organized by AMACI and curated by Rossocinabro Gallery. Italy
2022 - Conversaciones Atemporales. Lanzarote Art Gallery. Spain
2022 - Destinos Encontrados. Lanzarote Art Gallery. Spain
2022 - The Other Art Fair. Virtual Edition by Saatchi Art. Worldwide
2022 - 3 de Corazones. Lanzarote Art Gallery. Art Space. Spain
2022 - V Colectiva de Arte Emergente. Mombó Art Gallery. Sevilla, Spain.
2022 - Palma 1.0. ARTBOX Project, Palma de Mallorca. Spain.

2022- Lanzarote Art Gallery, Spain. Virtual Exhibition. Colección y Mecenazgo

2021 - Affordable Artfair – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.2021 

2021 - Feria Internacional D'Art de Barcelona - Barcelona, Spain

2021 - Mombó Art Gallery - Sevilla, Spain

2021 - Galerie Sonia Monti. - Paris, France

2021 - ARTBOX Gallery. Artbox Project World 1.0 - Zürich, Switzerland

2021 - Galería Quarentena. Virtual Exhibition. Argentina

2021 - Inn Gallery. Virtual Exhibition. INTERVENÇÕES CONTEMPORÂNEAS. Brazil

2021 - Museo de la Mujer de Argentina. Virtual Exhibition Exclavitud SXXI

2020 - ARTBOX projects. Zürich-2.0, Switzerland

2019 - Affordable Artfair – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2019 - Art Eindhoven – The Netherlands.    

2019 - Roger Jonk Gallery – Bergen, The Netherlands

2019Kunst10daagse – Bergen, The Netherlands    

2018 - Affordable Artfair – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2018 - Marziart Int. Galerie – Hamburg, Germany.

2018  - Kunst10daagse – Bergen, The Netherlands    
2018 - Roger Jonk Gallery – Bergen, The Netherlands.          
2016 - Roger Jonk Gallery – Bergen, The Netherlands.  

2016Kunst10daagse – Bergen, The Netherlands            

2018 - Art Eindhoven – The Netherlands.    
2018 - The Strico Gallery – New York, United States of America. 
2017 - ADAF - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.    

2015 - ADAF - Amsterdam, The Netherlands.                                  
2015 - Artfusion Galerie – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2014 - Artfusion Galerie – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2014 Kunst10daagse – Bergen, The Netherlands    

2013 Kunst10daagse – Bergen, The Netherlands    

Spain 1994-1999

1999 - Pequeño formato: Galería Ra del Rey. Madrid, Santander and Valencia,

1999 - Rental of my artworks on the set of TV shows.

1998 - Rental of my artworks on the set of TV shows.
1997 - Casa de la Cultura de Alcobendas. Madrid.

1997 - Galería de Arte Jacomart: Madrid.

1996-  Red de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid.
1996 - Palacio de Gaviria. Madrid.

1995 Red de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid.
1994 - Grupo Taller. Madrid.




2023 - TALENT PRIZE AWARD in the "5th STILL LIFE" International juried art competition. TERAVARNA Art Gallery.


2022 - HONORABLE MENTION AWARD in ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY’s art competition 5th FLOWER - 2022 "5th FLOWER" International Juried Competition Winners | ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY

2022 - Talent Prize Award- 2022 "6th LANDSCAPE" International Juried Competition Winners | ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY. Los Angeles, California

2022 - Certificate of Excellence. Circle Foundation for the Arts. Artist of the month competititon.

2022 - Finalist Circle Foundation for the Arts Exhibition in New York contest.

2022 - Semi-finalist. ARTBOX.PROJECT Miami 3.0 contest, 

2022 - Artist of the Month May 2022. IT'S LIQUID

2021 - 6th Salon of Painting. Menduina-Schneider Art Gallery




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