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Embracing the Ambiguity

Semi-abstract portraits

Semi-abstract portraits seamlessly blend familiar features with captivating abstract shapes, erasing the lines that separate faithful portrayal from personal interpretation. These portraits extract the essential facial and bodily traits into elegant simplicity, aiming to encapsulate the individual's inner essence rather than fixating on precise, photographic likeness.

By merging the recognizable with the abstract, these works stimulate our imagination and make funny games with our perception.

As an observer, you have the power to shape the narrative, infusing the artwork with your unique perspective. So Go for it!

ephemeral essence diaries: where faces become stories

Within this collection, you'll find pieces that serve as diaries of the fragments I've recovered from my sketches, a life-altering event that reshaped my life. EPHEMERAL ESSENCE DIARIES offer a window into my mind on the specific day I embarked on a creation that would ultimately reflect into a different version of myself.

As you explore "Ephemeral Essence Diaries," you'll realize that these artworks are not just creations but reflections of my resilience, healing, and the profound human ability to turn adversity into art.


Each brushstroke, every choice of colour, and each abstract element encapsulate a moment in time, preserving the essence of a personal journey that is simultaneously unique and universally relatable.


I invite you to dive into this collection and discover the emotions, stories, and transformations hidden beneath the surface of these semi-abstract portraits. Each piece is a testament to the therapeutic power of art, a medium through which I heal, express, and unveil the transient nature of our essence.

Exclusive Collectibles: monoprints andLimited Edition Art 


Let me know your story,
                     I will Echo your portrait.

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