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Curiosity on canvas

Expressionist painting

My aim when I am in front of the canvas is to create a space where you can entertain your mind,

Approaching art with curiosity and experimentation, I craft my artwork to subtly play with your perception, inviting you to explore. As a creator, I hope you find yourself taking a moment to linger, just as I do. The magic lies in the realization — as you delve into the artwork, you may discover nuances that engage your senses. It's not a conscious act, the intrigue often unfolds as you immerse yourself in the piece, making you an unwitting participant in the experience.

Feel free to explore my collection of mixed media artworks, where I use tools like a palette knife, pencil, ink, acrylics, and even some found objects. Each medium adds its unique voice, contributing to the overall expression that is uniquely mine.

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