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Can Hyperrealism be Abstract?

Exploring the boundaries between the known and the new is a perpetual quest in the art. We encounter intriguing intersections where established genres collide with innovative ideas, giving birth to entirely new artistic expressions. Here is an interesting question: Can Hyperrealism be Abstract?"

The answer is a huge YES. Did you ever play around with a mundane office tool as a table scanner?

Well, I did.

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Scannography, for me, is an enchanting blend of art and technology that not only redefines hyperrealism but also evokes the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci's swift sketches. It transforms everyday objects into a new discovery. The references of size and perspective are blurred and the images are really intriguing. You think that you know but you are not sure. Is a satellite image or all the opposite?. A fractal concept steps into this new paradox. You are so close, in fact you are literally in, and It is so real, that is not so real anymore. It's a visual adventure that invites you to perceive the world in a wholly new light.

I invite you to explore METHAPHORA. My new collection is not confined to static canvases; it's an experience that unfolds before your very eyes. . Each scannography piece has been meticulously crafted to seamlessly harmonize with the others, allowing you to become an active participant in the artistic process. Motion, rhythm, and interactive exploration joined together.

With the power to rotate each piece in any direction you choose, you, the viewer, play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of this collection. It's a visual orchestra where you become the conductor, composing your own unique visual compositions and stories. The result is an ever-evolving piece.

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